Welcome to ISSI!

Hello, my name’s Nadiia Ageyeva, I’m founder of the ISSI. And I’m honestly glad, you’ve decided to join us! It’s really interesting with us! For the best orientation on our website, I’ll make for you a small excursion:

1) we’ve been working since 2010 (before that I was already interested in styling for 9 years, but didn’t do this professionally), – exactly at that time the first website was opened, where I started to write my sweet articles. I always loved to write about the main thing: about harmony between your soul and your style. And readers often sent me letters, how they found “exactly that” word, which helped them to change their relation to themselves. Later graduates of school joined to writing articles too. Therefore you can see on the website not only my posts, but also posts of graduates, colleagues and partners. Also here you can see an exclusive interview with famous fashion people. ALL ARTICLES YOU CAN READ HERE>> Nothing motivates so much, as understanding you make something helpful for people. And it gave me the next step:

2) we’ve opened TV-show about styling, created fashion videoblog. Later we created videochannel on YouTube with videos of graduates and partners. ALL VIDEOS YOU CAN WATCH ON THE WEBSITE ISSI >>

3) during our work I’ve been written a few books, you can download it free here>>. Books are written like a novels, so you can read it very easy.

4)on November 2010 I started to teach styling and imagelogy. I liked it. And I can’t stop till now)). As you see, we developed this very good. More information about the schoole you can see here>>. To be honest, I always sought to develop. Every day to become better, than yesterday. To make more qualified, more interesting. And if someone told me at that time, once I’ll teach imagelogy at the same time for 8000 viewers, I’d never believed. By the way, you can take a look, how it was:

Who teach at the ISSI now? Uff, it’s easier to say, who doesn’t visit us – lazy people! )). Yeah! A the ISSI teach a lot of stylists, imagemakers, image-consultants and other professions. And all of them are very talented and smart people! Every teacher tries to say an information professionally, interesting and to be usefull for students. And, because of reviews of students, they do it perfect! Yes, at the ISSI teach stylists from all over the world. We don’t have language borders, because we meet translators. And we learn styling on the international level! A few teachers you can.

Yulia Vitryak, director of the school. To say, she’s great organizer, that’s to say nothing. She can systematize everything, to plan and to improve. Thankful Yulia, everything always happens in time and the best way.


Andrey Shandrov, computer guru. Every garden needs the owner. Thankful Andrey, on our website everything is in places: programs work, windows open, widgets show. Thankful his talent we bring high-tech technologies at the ISSI. And it accelerates our development and gives us an opportunity to call ourselves “high-tech business”.

E-mail: andrey.shandrov@issi.tv

Anna Shurupova, manager of the “Vebinarissimo” project, administrator. Who get letters from clients? Who helps with choosing of a stylist and any course? Who’s ready to help, if you lost the access to your programs of the ISSI? Anna is very responsive person and great administrator.

E-mail: anna_shurupova@issi.tv

Vika Barva, general stylist. Thankful Vika’s support, all services at the ISSI corresponds international standarts of quality. She always keep about stylist use only high-tech technologies in their works. Vika is great mentor, therefore many stylists are glad to get an experience with her managing.

E-mail: vika.barva@issi.tv

Tamara Veselovska, specialist of set’s creation. Tamara can create incredible and trend combinations of clothing for any bodytype and to demonstrate it in sets. And enthrall readers with it. You’ll have an opportunity to be sure in it.

E-mail: veselovska-tamara@issi.tv

Anna Volik, manager of the ISSI’s content. Thankful her the website has always articles, videos, interesting interview. Anna helps authors to create quality content and make it interesting for readers or viewers. Authors appreciate very much Anna supports them and helps to improve a syllable an visual work.

E-mail: anna.volik@issi.tv

Natalia Shamoeva, stylist-corrector. Thankful her work clients and students of the ISSI never see “bloopers” in ISSI’s programs. Natalia checks almost everything, ISSI produces. And she monitors all products matches common quality standarts.

E-mail: natali.shamoeva@issi.tv

Liliya Kalinina, the Manager of Subscription Department. With Lily’s coming to ISSI.TV team our letters have become colorful, rich and alive. Her letters not only tell you about all the novelties at our School, but also live their lives. They are full of warmth and love. Anyone who gets letters from Lily, always opens them with anticipation and they always have pleasant suprise. Alive letters from ISSI.TV are Lily’s work of art. The Art to inhale the life.

E-mail: liliya.kalinina@issi.tv

Rusana Oknetsya, the Head of SMM Department. Rusana’s life energy could be splashed out only in something really global. And what could be more global than communications with the world? Rusya (so she likes to be called) was a real conductor of ISSI.TV to the outside world. She is able to notice the new things, that should be brought to readers and viewers. She knows how to find the most interesting topics in every member of our team and inform about it. Rusya for ISSI.TV is a real Gift! The Gift of Universe and we cherish and appreciate it.

E-mail: rusana.oknecya@issi.tv

Inna ZamriyISSI.TV Content Translator.  ISSI.TV includes a huge mass of unique information about style and image. Many of these articles were written by our stylists. And only thanks to Inna in our team, foreign readers have amazing opportunity to learn about a completely unique world of style and image making.
With her appearing in ISSI.TV the number of foreign readers of our web-site has significantly increased. And many of them are looking forward to new publications from Inna.


Nadiia Ageyeva, the inspirer :)) I thought about to put my picture. And after thought – which one? And really I change my style every month. And sometimes totally. Therefore I can’t find static picture. It’s better to follow me on Instagram, for example 🙂 This way you can see, how I look today.

I’d like to continue introducing you with our team, but I won’t tire you. Because stylists, imagemakers, psychologists, trainers, coaches, parfume’s consultants make aup artists and many other specialists work at the ISSI. If you come to us more often, you’ll meet all of them. Also I recommend you to subscribe on our updating and regularly get presents from the ISSI.

Nadiia Ageyeva,
+38631587297 /my private phone, Slovenia/ (whatsapp, viber)
nadya7361464 – skype

Do you have questions? Write me on nadiia.ageyeva@gmail.com – I answer personally 😉