No severe frost can prevent real fashionistas be well dressed. We present to you the most trendy must-haves in the coming winter, which should be purchased in advance, in order to meet the new season fully armed.


Something velvet

Let yourself plunge into the fabulous luxury of velvet. Velvet is not only beautiful, stylish, but comfortable, and warm. This luxurious fabric quickly wins fashionistas’ hearts, turning into one of the most trendy for today. Designers offer a many velvet items of clothing: trousers, suits, dresses, sweatshirts, coats, and even shoes. Today velvet is beyond of high banquets and becomes a part of everyday life.

Something velveteen

Velveteen is a fabric that rich in texture and color. It’s in the top of fashion trends for some seasons and is not going to lose ground. It is a beautiful, warm, not expensive material that is well combined with other tissues. Velveteen is a dense cotton or synthetic fabric with short pile from right side. This wonderful fabric has many useful properties: it is very durable, elastic and wear-resistant, and it practically does not get dirty and crumpled. In addition, velveteen is very pleasant to the touch.



Something red

Bright and striking red will add energy and make you stand out against a background. If it’s too powerful for you, add it as a spice and chose red shoes, bags or scarf. Those who think that red does fit them, we remind about lots of its shades, so you will able to find your red for sure.


Something checked

Check is still topical this season. Any its versions are in fashion. The checked pattern is popular due to its eccentricity, expressiveness and interesting color combinations. This season the check “Prince of Wales”, named so because it was the favorite pattern of the most fashionable prince of England, is especially in trend. Take a closer look, for example, to a plaided tweed coat, suits, warm skirts and jackets.


Something shining

Metallic is another bright trend in winter 2017-2018, both in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The latest collections of designers urge us to add more lustre to our lives. This season, it’s suitable not only for evening parties ( the New Year holiday is coming), but for everyday images.

Olga An,

the author of articles for ISSI.TV

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