Although the shopping is considered a therapy and the most favorite female pastime, it is rather complicated and tiring process for many people. Anyway, we all buy clothes, so let’s make this process enjoyable and effective.

Сhoose what really need

Before you go shopping, examine your wardrobe to determine what exactly you need and make a list of necessary purchases. It will help you to avoid buying tenth pair of jeans or a twentieth black blouse.

Fix the budget

It is better to keep beforehand a fixed and limited sum for purchases, even if you have to collect money for shopping for a couple of months. Sometimes we are tempted to spend all our salary on things we like, but this is fraught with serious consequences for our budget, so you’d better to prepare for shopping, both morally and financially. And in order to determine necessary budget, follow the first advice and inspect your wardrobe.

Choose the time

Try to avoid shopping on weekends. The best time for this is a weekday. So you will avoid bustle, crowds and chaos and your shopping will be calmer and much more pleasant. If you work and cannot do shopping in the morning or in the afternoon on a weekday, try to find time at least in the evening. It’s much easier to find and try on the clothes that you like at that time. Especially evening is a best time for buying shoes. As a rule, the feet swell towards the evening, so you will not purchase tight shoes.

Choose a mood

Do not do shopping in bad spirits as it does not correspond to rational and successful purchases. Do it in a good mood and on a full stomach. In this case, sad thoughts and tummy-rumbling will not disturb you.

Choose the comfort

Also, when going shopping, dress comfortable, as you will have to take off and put on clothes several times during the fitting. Good footwear is important too, because visiting shops may take a long time. You should not feel discomfort of uncomfortable shoes.

Choose solitude

Despite the fear of buying things alone without advices and opinions from the outside, it’s better to avoid the company in such an important matter. Not the fact that the advice will be correct, because everyone has their own tastes and preferences. And in the end it may turn out that you will buy clothes that your friend likes and you not.

Choose your size

Never buy clothing, hoping to put on it when you lose or gain weight. If this does not happen, you will never wear that apparel. But if it does, give pleasure to yourself and buy a newly outfit.

Choose complementarity

When buying any outfit, think about if you have something in your wardrobe, that will harmonize with it. It’s perfect, when every new item of clothing should be combined with at least three items from your wardrobe.

Сhoose the test of time

Even if you are sure that the outfit is perfect for you and you will not return it, always save the bills. Just in case. If suddenly something disappoint you, you will have the opportunity to return it to the store.

Оlga An,

the author of articles for ISSI.TV

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