In my recent article, I panned the turtlenecks, but, as you correctly noted, I offered nothing in return))). And today I am going to improve the situation.

If to wear the turtleneck as separate item, it should fit to a figure type. And it’s fact! Slim girls with a “Hourglass” figure type can wear a turtleneck with any trousers or skirts. And do not even think about any correction.

Slender girls with a “Inverted Triangle” body type should choose a one-color turtleneck and combine it with a colored or a light-colored bottom. Then the proportions will be aligned visually.

Women with a figure type “Straight Column” should not wear thin turtleneck as a separate item. Otherwise, you risk dividing the figure into two squares. There are two ways out: a sweatshirt with a high neck instead of a turtleneck.

The second variant is to wear a jacket or vest over the turtleneck. Or a cardigan. In this case, the outfit will be more effective. Or to wear a turtleneck under a dress and cardigan.

The turtleneck both as a separate item and with unbuttoned jacket/vest/cardigan is not right outfit for women with the figure type “Circle” or with any other type, characterized by overweight. In this case the belly will be visible for sure. Vest / jacket / cardigan should be buttoned to hide it. Or you can wear the turtleneck under your dresses. Do you remember the dresses that fit the “Circle” figure type? If not, look through this article ТYPES OF FIGURE.

And now let’s look at some beautiful combinations of the turtleneck with other wardrobe items :

they can be combined with jackets or cardigans. Just remember that the jacket / cardigan should be trendy and modern, otherwise you will look like an unfashionable office employee or an old lady;

you can combine turtlenecks with long vests. And the turtleneck gains from this, and the vest becomes more practical, as you can wear it in cool weather;

the turtlenecks are perfectly combined with dresses. But like in the case of jackets, you should choose very fashionable dresses,

combination of turtlenecks with overalls or pinafore dresses is a safe bet. This is very stylish, modern and very beautiful;

a turtleneck and a sweater – how to wear? The main thing is choose the sweater bigger by size, otherwise you will look like a Pooh)). And the same, sweater should be trendy, not old-fashioned;

a turtleneck under the shirt – it’s very stylish;

turtleneck and shorts are the perfect combination.

How do stylists wear turtlenecks? Look at Julia Gorni – she perfectly combined turtleneck with the top. Her waist is accentuated by a belt and Julia looks adorable. As usual, anyway ;

Also, be careful when wearing accessories with the turtleneck. Since they can destroy the whole image.

If you want to put on an accessory, you must be sure that it is stylish and modern.

I hope that my simple recommendations turned out to be useful and interesting for you.

What else would you like to know about? Write in the comments;)

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