The time, when with a onset of a frosty season we had to choose between beauty and warm, has sunk into oblivion. Now the fashion presupposes layered winter image with warm and voluminous clothes. That’s why it’s easy enough to look warm and stylish today. On condition that you will be creative.

Today we’ll talk about how to dress warm and comfortable, and at the same time look like a magazine cover.

                                                                Layered Clothing

This is the main principle of warmth keeping. It is much better to wear several thin blouses than one thick sweater. Forget about tight outer clothing in frosty weather. When it’ s cold, there should be a so-called “air layer” between the clothing and the body, only then you will be warm. Take ino account that every additional layer increases the warmth keeping several times, and this is important in hard frost.



                                                                       Thermal Underwear

The second principle follows from the first. It should be the first and very important layer in our stylish winter image. Thermal underwear was invented especially for very cold weather. It can be made of both natural and synthetic fabric. In this case, you can choose either one or the other kind of fabric, since even synthetic thermal underwear is made from the special cloth that allows our body to “breathe”, while keeping the heat.






For a long time the manufacturers of tights have being pleasing us with remarkable thin models with wool or angora fiber. They are warm and cosy, and at the same time look great and not add too much volume to legs. Keeping in your mind the first principle, you can wear several tights in order to save warmth much better.





                                                                     Footless Tights and Leggings

 Footless tights or leggings can be put on as a next layer. In the winter wardrobe they are very useful to keep the legs warm.

There is a huge number of simple and stylish combinations leggings with different warm clothes. So, leggings perfectly fit into the trendy Oversized style. Woolen or leather tight-fitting leggings will match with the volumetric top. Not to mention that, being rather thin, leggings allow you to put on yourself one more layer in the bottom. And we’ll talk about these variants below.






Skirts are one of the most important things of the lady’s look.

At first glance, trousers seem to be warmer – they outline the legs, no wind neither frost can steal up.

But taking into account those points , about whicht we were talking above, skirts will seem the most logical and warm options for the bottom. First, the same layer of air is formed under the skirt. Secondly, if the skirt is rather wide and long, you can wear at least a few pairs of tights and leggings under it. Do not forget about thermal underwear.

Knitted wool maxi-skirt, fit-and-flare skirt, flared skirt and circular skirt are the best choice for frosty weather.

So this is a great opportunity to look feminine and not to be killed frost.





If you prefer pants, then choose woolen slacks – they will warm you much better than jeans and under them you can put on one or even two lower layers (tights or leggings).





Cardigan is a wonderful way of additional warming.

It’s already an integral part of the winter wardrobe. It can be put on over the dress, and over the blouse or shirt. If it is warm inside, you can easy take it off. It’s warm, practical, and beautiful wardrobe item.









Olga An,

the author of articles for ISSI.TV

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