In every fashion paper you can find the statement that a woman should be in full dress 24 hours a day. And it does not matter whether she has children or not, how she feels herself and whether she has means for this.

But the world is such that excuses do not interest anyone. And, if you does not look well, sooner or later you will begin to feel bad …
Today my task is to help you look attractive at home. Let’s proceed to direct recommendations:

  • Do not wear torn, dirty clothes at home. Otherwise people around you will treat you bad.

Below you can find some criteria for the home clothing:

  • it should be convenient for doing housework, because, as a rule a woman has to wash dishes, to cook. Therefore, the sleeves of tops should be easily rolled up, and the clothes should not be too loose, in order not to get dirty when cooking or washing dishes;
  • it should be comfortable for relaxing on the sofa and sitting in any pose. After all, if you sit cross -legged, nothing should restrain your movements;
  • it should be beautiful – when you look at yourself in the mirror, you must see and feel that you are attractive. It makes you more sure of yourself.

What kind of clothes meet these requirements?

First, some words about anti-clothing for home. I mean leggings and stretched out tunics, panties and a T-shirt, something torn and threadbare.

For women, it is better to choose trousers and tops, tunics or dresses (depending on what is more convenient for you). It also can be tracksuits.

Let me remind you that long pants always look more effective than leggings below the knees or shorts to the knees.

If we talk about shorts, it could be either very short shorts or long pants. Or dresses. You can combine shorts and dresses or trousers and dresses.

Сardigans are very comfortable as a home clothing. You can put on T-shirt or tunic and trousers, and throw the cardigan over your shoulders.

Soft plush pajamas are perfect choice for spending evening time. Wearing them instead of dressing gowns you will feel younger;)


Do your best! This is the main recommendation. After all, at home we do not wear something special. Well, you should, because it makes sense to dress up at home. Having untidy look, you show that you do not care about yourself and people, surrounding you. So, what kind of mutual respect can we talk about?

But if you try, you can improve your life, not only your wardrobe … Do your best in everything.

Nadiia Ageyeva

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